Litspiration Challenges - Assessment Tool

Please follow the link above to access the rubric for litspiration challenges. Please note that this rubric is the same as the one that you used for your second challenge. Ensure that you add evidence to this assessment tool while planning and completing your challenges.

Also, pay close attention to the strategies section! All strategies were taken from previous rubrics and are your ideas.

Harkness Table Conversations - Strategies for Success


*Come prepared and BRING YOUR BOOKS!

*Think about what you want to say beforehand; use your stickies (and/or jot notes) to ask questions and allow you to contribute meaningfully using supporting details from the text.

*Use all of your Talking to the Text strategies when taking notes using your stickies to ensure that you have more than just information from the novel.

*Before beginning, discuss as a group what main points you want to include in the conversation. This is not a script, but rather a guide to keep the conversation focused and flowing.


*Ensure that each group member is contributing, and that one group member is not dominating the conversation. Think about the "Harkness table" strategy, and what an effective conversation map looks like.

*Listen and respond to the ideas being presented by other group members, build on the ideas presented and try to take them deeper through collaboration.

*Ask questions of other group members to encourage them to contribute.

*Recognize that this may be a difficult task for some people! How can you encourage everyone to get involved and share their ideas?

Consider the Audience

*Think about LENGTH, around 5 minutes is ideal!

*Post your audio file in an interesting way so that your audience is drawn in, experiment with different ways of posting this information! (SoundCloud, Vimeo, etc.)


*Record your conversation in chunks to make it easier to edit

*Find a quiet place

*Make sure everyone is facing the mic, and check the audio quality before recording the entire conversation (consider experimenting with different recording devices)

*Speak clearly and at a suitable volume (no yelling or whispering please!)

Individual Posts - Assessment Tool

Be sure to pay close attention to the Strategies for Success for each category!