Reading Schedule

Youth: 0 to 6 

1. Pages 1- 49 Tuesday, February 14
In the Beginning
The Little House in the Poppy Fields
Property of the Alacran Estate

Middle Age: Age 7 to 11

2. Pages 52-101 Tuesday, February 21
El Patron
The Eejit in the Dry Field
The Secret Passage
A Cat With Nine Lives

3. Pages 102-145 
Thursday, February 23

The Giving and Taking of Gifts
The Thing on the Bed
The Lotus Pond
Celia's Story

Old Age: 12 to 14
5. Pages 146-177 Monday, February 27
A Starved Bird
Brother Wolf
The Eejit Pens

6. Pages 178-229 
Thursday, March 2
The Dragon Hoard
Coming of Age
Blood Wedding

Age 14
7. Pages 230-259 Monday, March 6
A Final Goodbye
The Farm Patrol

La Vida Nueva 

9. Pages 260-316 Wednesday, March 8
The Lost Boys
A Five Legged Horse
The Plankton Factory
Washing a Dusty Mind
When the Whales Lost Their Legs

10. Pages 316-344 Friday, March 10
Found Out
The Boneyard
The Shrimp Harvester

11. Pages 345-380  Monday, March 13
El Dia De Los Muertos
The Castle on the Hill
The House of Eternity