Guiding Question:  How can we effectively analyze texts in order to deeply connect with the bigger ideas presented, and to more clearly understand the author's choices?

Novel studies are about connecting with literature. They are intended to give readers the opportunity to look deeper into themselves and their surroundings through another set of experiences, whether real or fictional. 

Inquiry is about pursuing curiosities and interests; it is about questioning, researching, and communicating clearly; it is about collaborating within and beyond the classroom; it is about becoming confident and independent learners.

This project is intended to bring these ideas together, allowing you to connect with and explore literature through inquiry. You will engage in various independent and collaborative activities in order to engage with Nancy Farmer’s novel House of the Scorpion on multiple levels. The direction and depth of this inquiry is up to you and your group members. 

Follow your curiosities. Monitor meaning and determine importance as you share in Matt’s journey. Visualize and make connections with this novel in your own way in order to explore the guiding questions and develop your inquiry skills.