Strategies for Success

To ensure success by all individuals and teams — as well as the integrity of the project itself — the following rules will be established:

To support meaningful inquiry we will work collaboratively:
  • Treat the team element of the project in a professional & fair manner
  • Work rigorously to serve the team (rather than dictating how things will be done), playing to each individual’s strengths (rather than weaknesses)
  • Strive to reach consensus on all team decisions
  • Contribute confidently / appropriately in order to maintain the integrity of the project, and ask for support with this when needed
In order to analyze, research, and reflect, we will:
  • Carefully read The House of the Scorpion on 3 levels: student / researcher / literary critic, keeping up with the assigned reading schedule
  • Engage with the text through spoken and written reactions (via blog entries, litspiration challenges, comments on fellow classmates’ blog entries, and round table conversations)
  • Ask intentional questions that further our inquiry into the novel. (Check out the Questions for Critical Thinking Google doc for support with this!)
  • Create an academic showcase of quality analysis of Nancy Farmer's text to share with other students, teachers, and readers exploring the novel 
To utilize and develop our skills with technology we will:
  • Maintain & develop an academic showcase of your inquiry  (the blog)
  • Develop an on-going (and carefully edited / maintained) digital academic showcase (the blogs) of individual and collective discoveries regarding The House of the Scorpion
  • Demonstrate a successful use of a variety of web 2.0 collaborative tools as sharing /storytelling / presentation catalysts (VoiceThread, Prezi, Twitter, etc.)
We will share our learning with the world in order to WHAT:
  • Each student / group will formally present / speak to their class regarding their discoveries and contributions
  • Each group will produce — by the final due date — a legitimate academic showcase (the blogs) of their analysis / research / discoveries that can aid other students / teachers in better understanding The House of the Scorpion (and related topics)
  • Each group will respond — when necessary — to visitors’ comments / questions via the blog
The teachers will support you by:
  • Creating a workshop approach in class, including how class is run day-to-day with clear guidelines, resources, calendars, and technical support
  • Give you a creative outlet that honors authentic explorations / discoveries / opinions of an intriguing novel