Monday, 6 March 2017


Must be posted by the end of the double period.


WHILE YOU ARE IN YOUR DISCUSSION, AVOID TALKING ABOUT THE PLOT ONLY. Discussing the plot is not deep inquiry: talk about the author's choices, and the deeper ideas the author is trying to communicate to her readers; in other words, engage in inquiry. Make predictions about future events. Make inferences about why the author does what she does. Use evidence to support your ideas. Ask questions. Dig deep!

ALSO, ENSURE THAT YOU ARE HAVING A DISCUSSION: respond to the ideas your peers are presenting. Ask a follow-up question. Disagree. Agree. Don't just talk: discuss, argue, demonstrate your deep thinking!

 Your fifth Harkness discussion will focus on the question: 

Where is empathy or sympathy present in the novel? Do you empathize or sympathize with any of the characters?

We watched this video to more deeply understand the differences between empathy and sympathy. Check it out again, share it with your community, and keep thinking about the power of empathy!

This discussion should address the novel up to page 259. Here are some strategies to help you be successful:
  • use your sticky notes to help you 
  • try to make connections to what you talked about in your last Harkness discussions
  • check out the strategies for success in the "assessment" section for guidance
  • think about how you can incorporate your knowledge of literary terms into this roundtable
  • use your inquiry skills to think critically and deeply; think outside the box!

ROLES:The moderator will ensure that the discussion stays focused, and can use the discussion questions he/she created.

The cartographer will map the discussion using the provided form. This map should be posted along with the discussion (take a picture!)

The recorder will use his/her computer (or an appropriate device of his/her choice) to record the discussion for her group. The recorder is also responsible for uploading the discussion to Soundcloud AND posting on the blog.


Your blog post (created and published by the recorder for each group) must include:

1. Recorded conversation embedded (If you need a refresher on how to do this, please ask Ms. G.!)

2. Copy of completed discussion map

This time, a different group will reflect on your Harkness discussion, and you will reflect on theirs. As you listen to their discussion, you will answer the following questions and post your answers as a comment on their Harkness Discussion 5 blog post:

1. On a scale of 1-5, rate how successful was this at being a discussion versus a question and answer period.

2. What advice do you have for this team's next discussion?

3. What is the timestamp of their deepest moment of inquiry?

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