Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Your second round table will be a discussion of the first section of the novel, "Youth."

ROLES:The moderator will ensure that the discussion stays focused, and can use the discussion questions he/she created.

The cartographer will map the discussion using the provided form. This map should be posted along with the discussion (take a picture!)

The recorder will use his/her computer (or an appropriate device of his/her choice) to record the discussion for his group. The recorder is also responsible for uploading the discussion to Soundcloud AND posting on the blog.


Your blog post (created and published by the recorder for each group) must include:

1. Recorded conversation embedded (If you need a refresher on how to do this, please ask Ms. G.!)

2. Copy of completed discussion map

3. Completed reflection questions. (These should be discussed and completed together!)

1. How did we support quieter people during the discussion?

2. How did we support the more talkative people in the group?

3. What is the timestamp of our best moment of discussion, and why?

4. What is our main goal for our next discussion?