Thursday, 22 January 2015


For this first litspiration challenge, your team will explore the setting of The House of the Scorpion. You will focus on the information presented by Farmer in the first 100 pages. This will be due, and should be posted, by the morning of Wednesday, February 22. 

Here are the steps you should follow to complete this challenge:

Step 1(5 minutes): As a group, decide which of the following options you will use to demonstrate your knowledge of setting. Good collaboration requires honesty, and  compromise, so make sure you are doing both during this brief discussion:

Choice 1:
Annotated Map

Choice 2:
Travel Brochure for “Opium”

Step 2 (15 minutes):  Work collaboratively, and fill out the graphic organizer. A link to this must be posted with your final challenge! 

Step 3 (5 minutes): Review the assessment tool for this assignment, and discuss each area with your group.

Step 4 (5 minutes): Decide on how each of you will spend the rest of the class. In other words, what will you each be doing to get the project started and finished on time?

Step 5 (rest of class time): Work hard to complete your activity as decided upon in step 4!

Step 6 (before the due date): Post your completed project (or a link, or embed it) and if necessary, your artists' statement. Make sure to introduce this to your readers and explain what it is and what it is for!