Wednesday, 22 February 2017

INDIVIDUAL BLOG POST #2: Thoughts so Far

DUE Thursday, February 23; you will have time in class today only.

Now that you have read the opening of the novel (pp. 1-101) and discussed this section with your group in your Harkness discussion and your first litspiration challenge, write a post on your thoughts so far.

Take the time to consider ideas or points that you did not get to raise in your discussions, or ideas that have formed in your head since then.

Alternatively, you could elaborate on something you or another classmate raised in the Harkness discussion or during your creation of the litspiration challenge. Ideally, this post would focus on one or two ideas that you would like to comment on. DO NOT USE MUCH OF YOUR PRECIOUS SPACE TO SUMMARIZE THE NOVEL. Instead, focus on pulling out important ideas and interesting concepts.

Remember, individual posts should be about 400 words, so be as concise and precise as possible, but ensure you are using specific details to support your ideas. Direct quotations are encouraged; page numbers are a necessity. Posts will be assessed using the Post Assessment Tool.

Please post this on your INDIVIDUAL litspiration blogs, NOT your team blog!